A meaningful trip to northeastern Brazil

Rachel Dourado

A meaningful trip to northeastern Brazil

 | Rachel Dourado


Of Brazilian origin, I chose Barcelona as my home, and I am each day more connected to Tanzania, Africa. I have natural interest by the different cultures, voices, knowledges, art, nature. There is a wide range of perceptions and experiences that capture my attention creatively.

I am passionate about ancestral techniques and making, the origin of everything.

The parallelism between urban planning— city, architecture— building, interior design— furniture and jewelry— human scale became stronger for me from 2008. The large experience in architecture have offered me not only the spatial comprehension and the narrative as a technicality that reaches the detail, to the millimeters.

I dream of a less unequal, more human, more caring, more conscious and more respectful society. I am increasingly concerned about people and processes behind each object, clothing, food.

I produce essential and timeless jewelry in small scale. I work with a small chain collaboration in Barcelona.

 | Rachel Dourado

Sailing boat in movement,
air whistles Vela Collection

 | Rachel Dourado

Dancing sand dunes
along the coast
Duna Collection

 | Rachel Dourado

Drawings of sun and sea
Solar Collection

 | Rachel Dourado

Your idea, a unique personalized jewel

An emotional and sensorial experience! You will bring a story, memories, references, sensations. In a fluid and playful process, we will design and materialize together your idea.

Due to its design, quality, and the durability of its materials, that jewel will accompany generations that will add it life and summarize values. Within time and the personal journey of each individual, that jewel will be even more valuable and full of meaning.

 An unforgettable experience that will enhance your creativity, and will shape a unique personalized jewel!

 | Rachel Dourado

Inclusion, supporting communities

We, as a brand, are committed to inclusion, human development, respect for Human Rights, diversity and equity.

We will allocate 5% of the value of each jewel to collaborate with the non-profit organization Casa de Vovo Dedé, which educates vulnerable children and young people through art in Ceará, Brazil. At the home-school they learn to play classical musical instruments and receive training in audiovisual production.

We seek to do our part to rebalance synergies on planet earth by helping people in their development.